World Suicide Prevention Day – #takeaminute #savealife

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. This is a day that honours suicide prevention work across the globe and can give us all a moment to stop and think what we each have to contribute to suicide prevention. 

Each year, the International Association for Suicide Prevention sets a theme for the day; this year is #takeaminute. 

We often think that life saving efforts come from elaborate interventions. If you thought this was the case- you’d be wrong. Suicide prevention is everyone’s business… change can happen in a moment – a show of human kindness, a cups of tea, a chat, a hug, or a moment of self care. What can you do in a minute that could change everything for someone else or for yourself?

We’re borrowing this next bit from a supportive follower of our work…

‘In 2015 6,188 people died by suicide 

In 2015 1,732 people died in a road accident 


How many times do we say ‘drive carefully’? Its relatively easy right and trips off the tongue. 

How many times do we say ‘are you ok?’ and wait long enough to hear what that person really says, or when they say ‘fine’ be curious and ask a few more questions? 

New research this year by De Cou et al (2017) has evidenced that asking people outright if they are having suicidal thoughts does NOT make them more likely to do anything or make them feel worse. Don’t be afraid to ask.’

Don’t be afraid to listen to the answer – you could be the difference between life and death for someone you know and love. 

Tell us how you’re going to spend your minute wisely.

#takeaminute #savealife

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