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Harmless In Our Own Words promoting insight and understanding of self harm

In Our Own Words

Harmless In Our Own Words

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In Our Own Words aims to promote insight and understanding of self harm. The book contains words and images that have been generated by people whose lives have been touched by self harm; through personal experiences, or by knowing and working with those who have struggled.

In spring 2009 Harmless recruited a team who formed the editorial group for this project. These people had their own stories relating to self harm and were brought together to shape the journey of this book. This was an exercise to create a book that would be useful and inspiring, challenging stigmas and stereotypes. It also provided an opportunity for those who have had their own personal battles to be involved in a project that could change perceptions and reach out to others.

After advertising for submissions, the team went through a selection and editing process to generate what you hold in your hands today. They received many submissions and every piece that was selected was chosen for its communication of the issues, feelings and struggles relating to self harm, understanding and compassion. Here we give you our collection of stories, poems, pictures and photographs that will reveal the real people behind self harm - the people who pay testament to their courage and strength as their contribution helps others move towards a better place in their lives.

In Our Own Words is available in our shop as an electronic download or a printed book.