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Suicide Bereavement Conference: Practical Applications


Theme - Enabling the workforce for the most difficult times.




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Conference details:

The theme of our conference is Enabling the workforce for the most difficult times

The field of suicide bereavement is a particularly specialist area. When we start talking about suicide it can be surprising how many others have a story to tell. So many of us are impacted by suicide either through the tragic loss of a loved one, or someone we once worked with, or someone in our community and for others may be a patient or someone very supportive.

Everyone has a story.

We will be hosting an online conference that will examine the practical application of working in the field of suicide bereavement.

We have an amazing lineup of contributions from Leicestershire Police, Public Health England, The Samaritans, SASP, The Coroner Support Service, the NHS and A.W. Lymn. The programme is designed to help those of us working with anyone impacted by suicide to improve our knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to suicide bereavement.

Delegates can expect to take away from the conference a range of knowledge, inspiration and practical applications for the implementation in real life personal and professional situations. Learning from some of the leaders in the field, delegates will have access to interactive sessions that can drive change in the field of suicide bereavement.


Confirmed Speakers:

Harmless & The Tomorrow Project

Tammy Coles - Public Health England

Lorna Fraser - Samaritans

Barney Thorne - Leicestershire Police

Sarah Bates - SASP

Beverley Radcliffe - Coroners Support Service

Anne Embury - NHS

Jackie Rose Lymn - A.W. Lymn

Where can I find more information?

If you would like more information about the forthcoming conference, then please email

Or speak directly to a member of our team on: 0115 880 0281



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